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Old 01-16-2021, 07:17 AM
garry8572 garry8572 is offline
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What is the difference between a knife and a dagger and a sword?

A knife is usually diagnosed as a pointy and pointed slicing device with a unmarried aspect and from time to time a sharpened swedge. A dagger is also a knife, but is characterized by using having both aspects sharpened and a slim point perfect for stabbing. once a knife or dagger becomes longer than can almost be used with a single hand, or is made particularly for struggle, it becomes a sword.
What is the difference between a knife and a dagger and a sword?
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Old 01-16-2021, 02:51 PM
jimmontg jimmontg is offline
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Wink Look it up on Wikipedia too.

First off a dagger IS a knife, just usually a straight double edged one and they are pointed for stabbing and some may not even have sharpened edges thus becoming something like a spike. Some daggers are also S curved, called a snake dagger and some have hand guards, also there are push daggers that fit in your closed fist and sticks out through your fingers, illegal in some states and Canada. Though the dagger will have sharp edges for slashing as well as stabbing and if it becomes long enough it becomes a sword. Biggest knife I ever made was a twelve inch double edged dagger with a seven inch handle, 19" OA. I made it as a last resort defense in case of a bear attack for my son. He would run across bears while trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and TN. I told him to buy a .44 magnum and don't count on a knife because then the bear is too close.

A knife is a cutting tool and there are many types and styles, but above all it is a tool for cutting and can be used for skinning an animal's hide off or used in a kitchen for food preparation. Too many types to really get into, just in kitchen knives alone there are several kinds. Also there are double duty kitchen knives like is my filet knife for cleaning fish or is it a boning knife? I can't tell the difference except most filet knives are thin and flexible whereas a boning knife is thicker and stiff, but I prefer a stiff filet knife. I do leather work and leather working knives can run from utility knives, exacto scalpel style to the big round Head Knife that saddle makers like to use. Leather and wood carving knives need to be scary sharp. I use 16,000 grit diamond compound to sharpen my leather knives. Now on kitchen and my EDC pocket knives I put a working or "butcher's" edge on to about 1200 grit as they slice meat and vegetables better. A stropped razor's edge isn't necessary for most applications and is just extra work.

A sword's primary purpose is as a weapon. On length most would agree that somewhere around 16 inches plus in length is where a knife becomes a sword and then there are machetes which are tools. They're made to cut through brush, vines and thin plants blocking one from passing through a forest with heavy under growth like in a jungle. I've used a machete to cut firewood as well. Machetes can be used as weapons as well, something the Japanese Army learned in the Philippines.

Swords can be any thickness from a thin fencing foil, which is really only a sporting weapon, to a Cavalry Sabre for slashing like a Katana, to a Scottish Long Sword for whacking through armored knights. Many claim the Katana is the best fighting sword made, but I've seen some sabres that were just about the same. One might be better to say that Katanas are the best in construction as many of them are also works of art.

Most any knife, even the little one on your Swiss Army Knife can be used as a weapon and is better than finger nails, but primarily most knives are for cutting something non-human. My double edged bear dagger is one of the few knives I've made to be a weapon as I like making hunting/fishing knives and custom kitchen knives. I did make a single edged dagger with a false top edge for a guy who wanted a 3 knife set for killing and dressing out a wild boar. Yes he killed the boar with the knife. I made the big one out of 3/16th thick O1 steel with a narrow point for stabbing through a pig's shoulders, but the skinner knife and the EDC clip point knife for dressing the pig out were made from 1/8th inch O1.

I'm not a fan of the trend in the last few years of making small every day carry (EDC) knives out of 5/32nd or thicker steel. I wouldn't make a 3 to 4 inch drop point hunter thicker than 1/8th and just about the only kitchen knife I'd make thicker than 3/32nds is a 3/16ths to 1/4 inch cleaver (some call a cleaver a knife). A thick Chefs Knife is a pain to cut with and so for 1/8th" thick I have to grind a long even bevel from the spine to the edge all the way to the point, called a distal taper, as I need to take off too much material to make it slice through the harder vegetables smoothly and easily. I end up with the bevel a little less than 1/8th inch at the spine so just use 3/32 in the first place. Never buy a chefs knife with a hollow grind as it makes cutting many things harder and that's why you see high quality kitchen knives always have a flat grind.

If you'd like more information read the title of this post again.
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Old 01-23-2021, 03:11 AM
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Grayson Everett Grayson Everett is offline
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Swords are made for combat first and foremost, while knives are made to be used as tools, for mostly non-violent uses. The one exception would be the dagger, which had a similar construction to the sword, with a shorter blade, still made for combat.
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