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Widening/Flattening dies

Time for a short update on the widening/flatting dies I made. They work, but need to work better. To refresh, here are the widening/flatting combo dies I made:

I had a 1.5" wide piece I shaped for the widening die. The flattening die is 2" wide which is ok. I think the 1.5" is be ok for the widening die if I had moved the flatting die all the way to one side leaving more space for the widening die to move billet around on die. As it is the flatting die blocks any movement to press on the left side of billet. Turning the billet over does help, but it just seems like better to have more space there.

That image doesn't have the pins in place yet. I've got some chain coming tomorrow to attach to the pins.

Ken H>
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