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@Ed: Congrats on the new dog. Those corgi are neat dogs. Never owned one, but have read about the breed. Looks like Blade is accepting Cutter much better than Tango (12 yr old male Shih Tzu) accepted our new 8 wk old Shih Tzu puppy. For the first week Tango wouldn't even look at puppy, look away, leave room. Tango eating from bowl and puppy come over, Tango would leave food for puppy. Tango seemed to say "I didn't vote for new dog, it doesn't exist!". Now they are best buddies.

Like you we'd been planning Blade this year, but now I don't think so. Maybe next year?

@Texas Jack: I like that cartoon, pretty much sums up most folks view of 2022 - what's it going to bring?

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