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Bear_Blade 05-09-2009 09:28 PM

Hey guys, I just read this thread... start to finish, first thought... Holy Crap!!! that was a lot of testing. Amazing! I have to admit until I read this post, I too was advised to use Devcon 2 ton. Since this info is a little dated, I'm curious as to which "glue" are the current best bet? Has there been any developments or improvements reciently? I would be gratefull for any direction or advice from anyone willing.


EdStreet 05-09-2009 09:42 PM

The latest is still the old tried and true. Will take some major amounts of engineering to over throw the kings of epoxy.

Oh and from all the testing JB weld is CRAP :)

DaveL 05-10-2009 09:11 AM

LocTite is and always has been the ultimate adhesive. I still use 330 Depend and am fully aware of the tests.

weko 03-29-2011 05:08 PM

Hi guys,

this is one of the top threads I've ever read even if it has put me off using Devcon. I mostly make stick tang scandi type knives where I cannot always rely on any pins or bolts holding the tang. Therefore a very good slow curing adhesive is more than essential for me. I live in the UK and after I finished reading started to search for Acraglass and Loctite Hysol E120.
No success though. They only sell Acraglass Gel for gunstock and there's no sign of L. Hysol E120 to be sold in England.
Do you know if it is sold here or what's the trade name in Europe?
Would you suggest some equivalent for me,please.

Your help would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,


Steve Works 03-15-2015 10:49 AM

Have you tried Sika? Heard it's quite effective. Let me know.

Steve O 05-09-2022 03:03 PM

Hello everyone.

Im sorry if this post is a pita...

I had googled to learn the best epoxy for a knife project and was led here, to this great old thread. Theres a lot here, and most i suspect may not apply to my application.

I joined so that i could post this question. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps of understanding for me.

So, im tasked with repairing a hollow metal handled table knife for mom. The handle is sst, filled/weighted with some sort of plaster. The sst blade has become loose, i suspect too many cycles in the dishwasher has ruined the 'plaster' bond on the tang of the knife blade. 84 year old mom had attempted to repair it with hot melt glue. That worked for a short period of time but is loose again. This time im going to attempt to do it better.

So, ive dug out moms old hot glue. The bottom end of the hollow handle still has the 'plaster' material in it. The top half, where the blade tang is inserted, is currently hollow. I plan to simply fill the hollow handle with the recommended epoxy, insert the tang of the knife blade and let it cure. The 1/8" dia x 1 1/4" long tang does not fit tight into the handle. The hollow of the handle is maybe 3/8" inner diameter. So, i will need to carefully position the blade tang in the epoxy and clamp/hold it straight while the epoxy cures. The blade tang has a couple of flats on it, i imagine to help prevent the tang from turning in its mating hole.

Im kind of referring to this as a 'floating' mount. Not really 2 close surfaces with a thin layer of epoxy between surfaces.

So, which epoxy did you guys deem the best for this 'floating' application? I saw one post which made reference to metal to metal... loctite 324, or JB Weld, or PC7...but am not sure if my application is truly what you would call 'metal to metal'. Its not a sandwiched bond.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

Bob Hatfield 05-09-2022 06:36 PM

Since your mom will be cleaning the knife in a dishwasher, I would suggest using the J B Weld as your epoxy. It will adhere to most materials with a strong bond and will withstand the moisture and high heat from a dishwasher without breaking down like many other epoxies.
J.B. weld is a very dark colored epoxy that may show at the joint.

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