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Conversation Between jimmontg and Lee Barnhill
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  1. jimmontg
    06-28-2017 07:45 PM
    I am moved in, in Las Cruces NM. Am going rattlesnake hunting saturday evening for their skins. (They cost +$65 if I buy them and it isn't like they don't have an abundance of them around here anyway) I will use them for sheaths for the most part. As hot as it is they may not come out until after 10 PM. I've hunted them before for a laboratory in the early 70s for antivenin. Those were captured alive. Got $5 a snake which in 1971 was more than I made an hour, big pacific rattlers we'd get $8, same for the little Mojave Greens the most poisonous of the rattlers. Hunted them in the Iron Hills near Lone Pine CA. On a good day we would get about 15-20 of the beggars. I'm surprised we never got bit.

    You always make nice knives though Lee as I haven't seen a bad one. See my oyster shucker I made on the chat room photo thread, last page, sadly most of the pics were fuzzy. The design on the front of the sheath is farmed oysters hanging on ropes. Everybody wonders what that
  2. Lee Barnhill
    06-28-2017 07:11 PM
    Lee Barnhill
    Hife Jim
    I d##n't notice the comments you made on a knife I put on 6-15. Thanks,and the first thing my wife sa## when she saw it was You d##n't line up the pins!! LOL Where are you moving to in N.M? Lee

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