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The Newbies Arena Are you new to knife making? Here is all the help you will need.

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Old 09-11-2015, 04:09 PM
dtec1 dtec1 is offline
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?!?Forge Coatings?!?

Hey guys quick question i am in a lil bit of info overload. So as i have said before i recently got a new lil propane forge. Now the dimensions are 10 in deep by 8 in diameter (with out the ceramic wool blanket) once you put the blanket in it makes the diameter of the chamber roughly 5.5 in. A few days ago i was using flux and some of it came off the fire brick floor and ate a small spot of the ceramic blanket away. Its not enough to make a difference i dont think but its enough to make me want to properly coat it. I was originally planing to coat it with a refractory furnace cement i have (was purchased in home depot) but i coated a couple of bricks with this stuff to use as a "door" for the front and back of forge. I noticed first as it was heated it bubbled up and turned hard but brittle if you tap the bubble with anything hard it just shatters and then i noticed the center point of the back the coating on the brick actually melted into what looked like lightly green colored glass. I figured that cant be good now if i was going to use this on the inside of the forge i guess i would thin it out until it could be brushed on with a paint brush. On the bricks it went on thick so i dont know if that would make a difference. So i want to get a coating for it. But there are so many things out there. Just one site for example ( has satinite mortor, refractory cement, bubble aluminia refractory, ins-tuff ceramic fiber rigidizer, THEN itc-100, mizziou castable refractory, and 2 different cast-o-lite refractory. Thats just one site. Even tho i have the ceramic blanket in there now i still wanna get enough of that too (enough to cover the inside once or twice) just too have and also incase i screw up the coating somehow. I know there are some different brands but that site specifically has the "ins-wool" 1in and 2in and also 1in with a higher temp rating (2700 instead of 2400). Ok WoW i thought this would be a short question but i guess not SORRY. Basically i am just looking for people to share what they have done or have knowledge about the subject to point me in the right direction. Either way i want the top coating to be flux resistant if possible and i am not trying to spend a fortune just enough to get and help keep the forge in good condition. Also if you guys know any other websites that sells these products that i might do better with than the one mentioned above. THANKS ahed of time guys i am sure ill get good advice from everyone
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