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Historical Inspiration This forum is dedicated to the discussion of historical knife design and its influence on modern custom knife work.

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Old 06-08-2011, 01:03 AM
Buddy Thomason's Avatar
Buddy Thomason Buddy Thomason is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Colorado
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For fans of William Scagel

Most folks don't get to see and handle many original Scagel knives but I've been lucky in that regard. I own a few myself but I also had the pleasure of photographing the vast majority of originals that appear in Dr. Jim Lucie's book about Scagel.

I've decided to make my proof set of 67 prints from the book (full color 8.5X11 proof prints in clear protectors) available as a complete set if anyone is interested. Additionally I have 87 extras or 'test prints' of assorted knives from the book that should be out there in the world doing some good. There are no duplicates in the proof set and there are a number of duplicates among the assorted extras. If anyone would like to discuss this with me I will be at BLADE Show (assisting Jim Cooper in his photo studio on the main floor) with all the above-mentioned or can be reached by e-mail before, during or after the show.

The book, of course, is well worth owning but for makers and others who really want to 'see' these knives in order to study them in detail there is no substitute for a full-page print. (Naturally, many images were reduced to fit in the book.)

I am not and will not be in the business of selling or marketing these prints as a business - I've moved on to other important projects - but I feel strongly that my proof set and all the extras should be in the hands of those who can appreciate such unique visual access to so many W. Scagel knives that continue to be locked up in private collections forever. It is those makers who want to interpret some of Scagel's knives for others and collectors who have a burning interest who should have these prints.


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Old 06-08-2011, 07:38 AM
Ed Tipton Ed Tipton is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Buddy....Souinds interesting. Are all 67 pages of different pictures of different knives, or are some knives depicted on multiple pages. Is there any text on the page to tell the observer what the knife is constructed from? What is the asking price? Just need a little more in the way of exactly what is being offerred. Thanks, Ed
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Old 06-08-2011, 11:21 AM
Buddy Thomason's Avatar
Buddy Thomason Buddy Thomason is offline
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Colorado
Posts: 2,205
Ed (and others)...
I just realized I may have inappropriately posted this thread here, for which I apologize. If a mod wants to move it I totally understand. My thinking was more that I'm doing somebody out there a big favor more than actually selling something. I'll comment briefly below, include some example images and send you an e-mail.
The proof set consists of images only, no info. Even in the book you will only find general info about the materials Scagel used - no knife by knife details as the actual facts are not fully known and Dr. Lucie has scrupulously avoided speculation. In the proof set there are maybe three knives that appear twice but in totally different compositions/configurations - so it may be more correct to say there are no duplicate images. I've included two of Scagel's personal pistols and a terrific set of pots and pans he made. My own set of six matched knives with A&F leather case is included as is one shot of three ax sheaths he made (several axes are also included). Some of the images have paper ephemera in them, like Scagel's NRA membership card, letterheads, photo of his big dog Timberwolf etc. Not every knife in the book is represented in this set because I didn't make a proof print of every knife to keep for myself. Nor does this set contain all of the ironwork and stuff he made. So these proofs are in a 3-clamp notebook, protected as I mentioned in transparent plastic sleeves. It should not be thought of as a substitute for the book. It is what it is, a nearly complete set of excellent color-corrected proof prints made from the same files I supplied for the printer who did the layout and printing for Dr. Lucie. It's just one of those unique things that you find occasionally in the knife world. Probably just a few folks out there would want it but based on my own experience, when I was really hungry for info about Scagel and his knives, having realized how little there was out there and how generally unavailable his knives are for actual study - if I'd found this set of proof prints (or even been able to pick among the extras I mentioned) I'd've gone nuts over my good fortune. Here are a few examples with comments:

If I could pick one original Scagel knife to add to my collection it would be this one.

Totally mint condition, beautiful lines, Elk antler scales, original Heiser of Denver sheath etc. I shot this one along with 25 others that three big-time Scagel knife collectors brought to Atlanta three years ago. I'd hauled all my gear to Atlanta, set up in my hotel room there at the Waverley and worked for about 36 hours straight. It was totally psychotic. In fact it got so weird that I started using stuff out of the room and hotel common areas for props! Like the wooden soap thingy by the sink in my hotel bathroom:

And 2 apples from a bowl of fruit by the elevator:

There are many images from this project that I personally love but the one below is special. The big kris-like double edge blade is incredible and photo works really well, IMHO.


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Old 11-06-2013, 03:31 AM
TimLivelyKnives TimLivelyKnives is offline
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Thanks! I always love to look at Scagel's work. My favorite maker.

My Knifemaking Blog
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