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In credible and very interesting as all mysteries are. Man ... I feel like into the first chapter of a "Flashman" novel. Obviously something drastic was going on at this time. For what its worth, horizontal Randall-stamped sheaths generally seem to have been constructed with neat sticthing and usually to a high standard.... I've collected pictures of about 20. None are truly sub-standard.

Here is a collage of Gary Clinton's knives all of which seem to be generally from the same period as the strange group with the odd snaps. Note the generally careful construction of these with possible exception second left. Yet at virtually the same time in the model 3 world ... hmmmmm. I wonder if Heiser out-sourced model 3 etc. sheaths at this time?

Ron, I wonder if post nos. 27, 28 through about 41, maybe a copy of 26 to start,should be moved to a separate line maybe under your authorship and title? This subject is so deep it deserves its own dedicated line rather than as an appendage of "Delrin." I am totally intrigued...

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