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Hi Jack,

Thanks! No double stamps. Probably just my hands shaking when I took the pics

Yeah, those were all within about a 5 year period. It's interesting that there were significant changes in design and / or features within some 5 year periods while there were virtually no changes in other 5 year periods.

I like Randalls from the 60's, but I love Randalls from the 40's! Unfortunately Randalls from the 40's are so much harder to find and when you do, the condition is usually not so good. For whatever reason, I have fewer Model 3's from the 50's than I do from the 40's or 60's.

Maybe one of these days I'll see about putting the collection in chronological order. I agree with you: I think the 3-7 is the most "graceful" model of all.

I sure wish the previous owner of the low S 3-7 hadn't removed the top quillion at some point in time. It would have been one cool looking knife when it left the shop. A number of years ago I made a post on another forum titled "From sword to plowshare" with this knife as the subject. Also, so very few had fully polished stag handles during that era It was a BIG piece of stag to begin with!

Your threads in general have been extremely informative and generated a lot of subsequent discussion that I know collectors really like. I for one am very glad that you "found" Randalls.

I kind of "flit" over all the Randall forums and alight at will depending on what piques my interest at any given time. I try not to let anyone get me down. It's just not worth it. Life is too short and Randalls are too great.


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