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Amazing information!

I wish i can add.. All i can tell you if what my letter of COA from the man whos name was engraved in my BOWIE and Arkansas... The seller does NOT sell knives, but books and he is a friend on hers.. She had no idea had to priced them , but priced the BRASSBACK i bought off other brass backs that have sold for 1500-2000... She could not understand why this would(the one i bought) would not sell for 1385$ on ebay... However since i was after a RANDALL BRASSBACK and was not handle picky i made her a offer and she declined.. After months of it just sitting on ebay both of us (THE EBAY BOOK SELLER and me)where curious why wont this knife sell... Anyways I ran into your posting and alerted her to it and said " Hey maybe all the old randall guys know its DELRIN and are not interested in it, but I want it!

After she verified your LISTING information she then recounted the owner and he was REALLY SURPRISED it was NOT MICARTA/IVORYITE... So all this time he thought it was IVORITE not delrin..

In his COA to me he clearly states he got out of the military in 1967, placed the order in 1968, and received the knives in 1969... After reviewing the 1969 catalog you posted(WOW COOL) i am convinved DELRIN WAS CALLED IVORITE.. He also stated that, that MATERIAL IVORITE or DELRIN (whatever the term randall ment) was not cheap and Based on your catalog it was same PRICE OF WOOD 12$ for a model 12... I wonder what IVORY was back then,, could not be more.. he also claimed the IVORITE/delrin was considered a upgrade...

Very interesting info! Good catch on your new knife.. I actually email that seller telling him it was DELRIN, but i had no more money..LOL.. glad u got it!
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