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Originally Posted by Jacknola View Post
Looking closely at pictures of the Faisal set, I cannot see any pins in the ivory handles, but they do have fairly thick looking presumably leather spacers. But not as thick as the spacers on James' and Gary Clinton's knives.

Examining pictures of other, later mid-50s Bowies without the leather spacers in Hunt?s book, some of the older stag and ivory handled knives had pins, if the handle was without a pommel. But the early Bowies with a pommel did not seem to have pinned handles though a number of them were paired with Moore sheath. Perhaps the pins were deliberately not used with the ivory handles that were cushioned with the thick spacers as another attempt to prevent cracking? But that is deductive and speculative.
RE: Pinned handles on 1950s RMKs. Above I noted the above fact after examining pictures of early Bowie knives and after a post avering that the early Bowies had pinned handles.

Looking closely at Randalls in general, I cannot find any pinned handles on any RMK that also included a pommel or butt cap. During the brown-button sheath era, use of pins to fix the handle seems to have been confined to those non-leather materials without a pommel ... regardless of type of knife.

Is this true? Perhaps this is well known... but I just noticed it.

Add edit: Ron "BoBlade" has confirmed this was the policy of the shop... if pommel held the handle, pin was not necessary. However many customers didn't care for the look of wood, stag or ivory with a pommel, hence the pins. Good info, thanks Ron.

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