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Jim, continued thoughts-prayers for your healing.

Back in the day I hit up our local Tandy and the manager there selected 8-9 .oz skins for the sheaths, I'd be making. I still have a couple quarter sides to get through. (This was why Stan Fujisaka encouraged me to make folders to avoid the leather work. LOL) I've bought some scrap that was terrible and inconsistent. Those were used for the welt or spacers.

Erik did well at 43 pieces. Congrats! We enjoyed the Eugene show in those days.

The out of flavor steel I have is 440-C. Bought 200 feet of the stuff from a retiring maker and I've used about 20' of it. .125"x2"x36" cuts. I have some of Devin Thomas's bars that are in equal need of some love. A few makers I talked with at the Anaheim show say it's "premium" now. Whatever that means.

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