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Was in a car accident and have been down for awhile. I had an order for a women's belt and had it cut to size and all the holes punched. So I'm carving the flower pattern and beveling it and will paint and dye it when I get home next week. If I get home next week. I have a finished knife and sheath all tooled and the sheath is 80% finished, just needs to sew up the welt side and belt loop, then install the snap. I use solid brass line 20 and 24 snaps I buy from Zach White Leather in NC. I buy most of my hardware for leather from them. Good prices for solid brass or stainless, my leather doesn't rust from plated snaps, rivets or buckles.

In the 90s when I was a rookie I bought the rivets and snaps for a sheath for a fillet knife. Unbeknownst to me, as I found out later. Any leather hardware that doesn't say solid brass or stainless is plated steel. I had an unhappy customer who had just come back from a fishing trip in the ocean and the sheath was rusting, especially the snaps, but rivets were spotting too. I went down to Tandy and had to buy 100 brass rivets as they didn't come in a smaller size and they had no snaps that my magnet didn't stick too, not a single one. Made the sheath with the ball post fastener and solid brass rivets. Obviously I had to remake the whole sheath. Just a heads up to newbies with leather, but lesson learned. Take a magnet if going to a leather supply store.
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