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S30V knives - worth keeping to use?

Putting my stuff away returning home, after grabbing as much as I could before complying with a whole bunch of police standing in my front yard taking up an EVACUATION ORDER for the Rice Ridge wildfire, I found [boxes marked] one each fixed-blade Buck (catalog #9942) and Benchmade (162 Sibert Bushcraft) knives. The Buck has some sort of indelible design identifying the blade as S30V heat treated by Paul Bos. While the Benchmade does not identify its heat treater, it is marked as being S30V also.

My recollection is that I acquired these knives about six years ago, then lost track of them. I have been using Cowry X damascus laminated fix-blade knives, also a Morseth from the 1970s. So I've paid no attention to whether the travails of this steel should be associated with either of these knives. The problems to which I refer are edge chipping, wear resistance, et al. - in short, hyperbole that called it a "super steel" that became a bad joke.

How serious were S30V's problems that were apparently associated with heat treating? Are the problems now under control? Did Buck or Benchmade have these problems at the time I bought the knives?

My basic question is: Are these knives worth keeping to use, or should I consign them to prizes for a blanket shoot?

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