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Hi and welcome, Randy

I have never heard the term "Vietnam error knife". Can you expand on that? Also, a photo of the back of the sheath might be helpful.

I'm not that familiar with newer Randalls, which I believe yours is. My guess is the 90's. For sure it's not Vietnam era as it has a metal thong hole liner. The double stitching on the periphery of the sheath puts that out of the era as well.

The best venue for selling is e-bay as this has the largest audience. At the same time it has the highest fees. My suggestion would be to review ebay completed auctions for Randall knives and establish a market value in your mind based on similar knives. Then you can go to a venue with lower fees such as this forum (Look at the top right of your screen under "MEMBER ITEMS FOR SALE" and further under "Other Knives").


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