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Originally Posted by jeepster View Post
Jack I'm not gonna argue with you.....I'm not equipped for that. But of all the photos I've seen of Randall's in V/N I can't recall one that was black.
Hi Ronnie... well, my information is strictly anecdotal, not statistical or data driven. In 1967-68 I polished my sheath. My brother polished his sheaths in 66-68, the catalog did recommend shoe polish, and I know a lot of people in my organization that had Randalls over there that did it.

Plus, in 1968 or so the shop started offering black dyed sheaths. RMK of that time was an very savvy marketing organization. Mr. Randall spend considerable effort on publicity, and outreach to the military. And I suspect the offer of a black sheath was in response to the feedback that a great many users were polishing their sheaths black.

Truth is though,that the polish was not necessarily to change the color, but could have been just as much about treating the sheath to prevent mold. Anyway, there is no science behind my statement, just personal observation of what SF did, not other organizations ... so you may be correct.


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