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Jack, Very interesting here... I sent you a PM...
DID you say that HANDLE IS DELRIN of the knife u just posted?? IF so know for sure that handle is DELRIN??
REASON I ASK because from my observation and owning 2 1960s (MID) Delrin Brassback and Toothpick have solid WHITE DELRIN handle(no creamy looking white handle) .. ALL THE WHITE DELRIN I SEEN is like a off white or even a ltad off white..

Unless the pics u provided had a change of light it CLEARLY shows a IVORY traits.. PLUS I swear i see little CHECKS are small cracks in the pics.. LOOK at the 8 Oclock pic of the 4.. The pic which only shows the handle(not guard) i clearly see a CHECK running from the COOLIE CAP about 1/4"..

I agree just because the GUARD has a DATE e from the USMC does not mean it was made them.. The guard looks 1950s to me.. tad thicker than what i am use to seeing but not super thick like early 50..

Let me know if i am blind! DELRIN does not do that..
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