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Solingen Bowie Restoration

Hi Folks,
I apologize for my nearly year-long absence from the forums. Thankfully the recovering economy brought my log home related business back to life. Long story short... between that and acquiring another mine I've had very little free time to do anything. Now that winter has set in I'm finding a little free time to do the things I enjoy, like knife work!
I'm still digging out of a fiscal hole so I'm continuing to be frugal and finances are limited until the economy is robust again. I still do not own a 2X72 and most everything has to be done with hand tools until I can justify that purchase. I'm close to being able to purchase a Grizzly... which is what I'd like to start with since I'm just a hobby maker and that fits my immediate needs.
Meanwhile...... a friend of mine purchased this old Solingen Bowie at a garage sale for 5 or 10 bucks.
OAL: 10.75"
Tip to Ricasso (working edge): 5.75"
Handle and Spacers: Broken, all junk plastic
Guard: Brass
He wants it to be useable, not a factory spec restoration, low budget. The steel is pitted and looks like it hasn't been sharpened in a coon's age but it is still sharp.
I don't know anything about the history or value of this knife but I suspect that this is quality steel and a worthwhile restoration for a useable utility/Bowie.
Worthwhile? Any advice? Thanks!

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