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Originally Posted by Crex View Post
Damon's right on the hippo, that outside enamel is some serious hard stuff. The interior ivory is some of the finest grain ivory you can get and carves/scrims beautifully. Getting to it is the hard part.

Damon, kind of poked around on your flicker album. Hope you don't mind. Some very nice miniatures!
Do you set a table at the Blade Show? I usually don't miss the min-makers. Like to meet you sometime.
don't mind at all. thanks.
no im not able to afford a table/hotel/expenses/still have shopping$$$$$ for that show. id have to sell out of everything I have in stock, and thats a lot to hope for.
as a jeweler, the minis are a lot of fun to make. plus it uses up those scraps of the pricy materials. most of those were made for some "serious mini-knife collectors" but it turned out they were just jerking me around. at the local shows I set up at they work as good "eye catchers" but people tend to expect something that small should only cost $5-10
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