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What do you think?

Ok, I have three knifes I am looking at selling.

First is a Highlander Bowie by Gil Hibben. I believe it is an early model. It has the nut on the butt. I know what I would like to get for it but I am looking for some advise as to what it is worth. Is has the sheath and no box. It has never been ?used?.

I have two Black Jack Knives. I am only considering selling these next two.

The first one is as followed: One side it is stamped Carbon steel and Made in the USA Effingham IL. The other side is Model #1-7 Classic hunter. The box says Black Jack Knives Model #0018M Micarta Hunter.

The second one is as follows: Stamped the same on both sides but the box is, Black Jack Knives Model #0018D Dymar Hunter. This knife has a stag handle.

Both these blades have just been sitting in drawers and I am looking for an idea of a price. I will most likely put these on eBay but would rather sell them to someone who will appreciate them. I also would like to get a fair price for them. I will add pictures in the next couple of days.
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