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Compare o1 to o2 steel


I got some B?hler o2 steel easily and cheaply available but I also have o1 steel availabe at a higher price.

I don't know much about metallurgy and i can't fine a proper comparision between o2 and o1 steel anywhere.

So i though, maybe some of you can tell me the pros and con by using one or the other steel.

B?hler o2 steel composition:
C 0.90
Si 0.25
Mn 2.00
Cr 0.35
V 0.10

Saxon o1 steel composition:
C 0.95
Si 0.25
Mn 1.20
Cr 0.55
V 0.20
W 0.50
S&P Up to 0.035

So if I understands this right (please correct me). The increased Mn in o2 makes it a deeper hardening steel, The increased Cr in o1 makes it more corrosions resistant, the increased W in o1 makes it keep an edge better. What is S&P?

If both steels are HT for their optimal properties, how much does these small differences actually affect the blade in the end?

I HT with charcoal fire and heated canola oil, so I have no chance of getting the optimal properties during HT. I like the idea that the steel isn't to expensive, but which sttel would i be able to get the most out of?

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