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ive been using desert ironwood in kitchen knives without any issues. any other similarly dense wood should hold up well enough. but, as has been mentioned, stabilizing will never hurt for kitchen knife use.
ive got some snakewood, and it seems like a dense oily wood, so shouldnt present too much problem if not abused. the checking issue with it is news to me, and ill keep that in mind for future projects.

as for the dish washer issue... knives dont belong in there PEROID! regardless of what the handle is. if its likely to find its way into one anyway then micarta, G10 or something similar should give best chance of survival.

preventative measures i use on slab side knives is glue it to a backer of some sort like G10, corby rivits rather than pins, if using bolsters, dovetail them. Ray can give you details on how he does the hidden tang which is worth trying too.
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