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ok wow i dont know how i missed that temp. difference good call. i think ill stick with the inswool one of those things i think the inswool has worked for many many more people than the cheaper stuff i pointed out like my father tells me dont fix it if it aint broken....i am actually about to order some stuff from (hope they dont take forever to ship) i think i am just going to get the 5 foot roll of 1inch inswool so ill have extra if needed and i purchased the forge i have now but i do wanna make one of my own and i can use the ins wool for that, also itc-100 1/2 pint i think ill coat the top 2/3 with that (over the satinite) and botom 1/3 with the bubble alumina to protect from flux sounds good right? i know you werent to enthusiastic about the itc-100 but as i said before my forge just barley gets to the point where steel stack goes yellow so maybe it will push it over the edge and be a lil easier to get there and if not i think i will take your suggestion on another burner or replacing the one i have but ill tackle that when i get there
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