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ok thanks does this sound good i have the ceramic blanket (dont know what brand it came with the forge) but i wanna get some more anyway.....on the hightemp site they had the inswool hp rated to 2400 and also inswool htz rated to 2700 (twice the money tho) the one rated 2400 good for heat treat and some forge welding or do i need the 2700 one. Would it even matter if i put the itc-100 on it ( itc-100 doesnt have a degree rating) but arent most coatings rated above most blanket's? so if i had that one top would the rating of the inswool matter. then i was thinking of getting the bubble alumina it says 2.5 pound bag can do the floor of a 12' vertical forge but basically that is a 12in diameter circle right? so i would need a lil more since my forge aint vertical and its 10in.front to back. But anyway put that on the bottom third of the forge on top of the inswool. then i figured i could cover the top 2 third's with the itc-100 to go ontop of the inswool to seal that and help with heat. the itc-100 can just go on the inswool right it doesnt need anything in between or on top of it right? I still would place a hard fire brick in as a floor. Does that sound good anything you would change?
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