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200 feet of 440C? It's not out of flavor, but does need deep cryo to get the best from it Mike.

As I wrote to Rockhound above, if sheaths are all you are going to make, half shoulder veg tan in 8-9 oz is fine. Oh, runaway from hairy leather.

I mentioned before in another post about not using unknown, possible chrome tanned leather on knives. Chromic acid is not a metal's friend.

I was fortunate that the Tandy store I had there locally gave lessons in leather work and half shoulders were fine for sheaths is what I was taught. I couldn't afford a side or double shoulder anyway. I didn't start buying sides or double shoulders until I started making belts.

I will say that buying half shoulders from Tandy I never got a bad one and I've ordered several on the phone and asked "Please give me a good one". Can't say the same for Weaver or Springfield's little shoulders, they were good, but one third was missing.

Thank you guys for your well wishes and prayers. Merry Christmas and may God bless.
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