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Other uses for the grinders- acrylic ice cube project

I'd worked up a shot but the real ice cubes were far from appealing.

The ones at the craft stores looked so-so and the nice ones are $$. Went to a local plastics supply hoping to find remnant cuts of appropriate sized acrylic but nada. Only had full lengths of the 1.5" square bar and at $180 was a bit much for my experimenting. The 1" square was $51 but I wanted something larger than the common 1" sizes. There was a cut of 1.5" rod so I thought this was decent enough to practice on. The sales guy gave a nice price because it was an odd size so I was pleased.

Following the ice cube thoughts we have a friend that is the manger-owner of a local coffee shop. I was commenting to him about the clarity of the ice cubes his shop has. He showed me the reverse osmosis system that is hooked into the ice machine and coffee machines. That is a bit much for my photos but I now understand how real ice can be clear. Goes to show how much "stuff" is in the city water supply...yuck!

After doing these few I can understand why the nice ones are $$.

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