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Pro-Tech Rant - one of the very first!

I ended up with a couple of Pro-Tech knives that my brother owned. This one is a "Rant", but one of the very first production knives, known as a "kitchen table knife", because it was made on the kitchen table of Dave Wattenberg. This was obviously way before Pro-Tech went "big time". I have several emails from a very helpful person at Pro-Tech which confirm some interesting facts and details about this knife... I am glad to share. But it is a knife of historical and collector significant.

The Rant has dusty purple scales in anodized aluminum. The blade is also interesting, because it has the original old "Pro-Tech" logo, and is marked ATS34. Interestingly, the steel was actually from Japan at this time. This knife has a lanyard hole with leather strap, and... no clip! It is in never-sharpened EX condition (a little wear, not from using, but from just being around the last 15-20 years). It has a presentation box, and I have lots of pics (and am trying to figure out how to post one here, since I am new to site).
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