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Cincinnati Tool Steel carries L6 in 3/8

They only have the L6 in 3/8 or half inch and will shear it to size. I ordered some O1 with the 0.20% vanadium, but that was 3 years ago. They have a $20 shipping fee for large or small pieces or had.
Call and check for prices, they have 4 locations so check and see which one is closest to you and maybe one is within driving distance.
I also bought some excellent S5 steel as well that is hardened to RC65 as quenched in oil and is quite shock resisting, good for ax-heads or swords.

l went to their place in Powell near Knoxville Tn and picked up my order as I didn't need that much and had to go to UT medical Center anyway so l killed two birds with one stone. They are easy to work with, but the $20 shipping is high if you're not buying some large amounts. They are the only ones with the L6 beside NJSB who is usually out of it and his thicknesses start at 5/16".
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