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Patrick / john mcgill custom knife can some please help me id this knife?????????????

I am hoping someone on here may be able to help me with any info on this knife. I have an opportunity to buy this knife for $500 but I am just not certain that it is a good price. I will first off say I am no expert with knives but do like collecting them. The knife looks very high quality. The handle is made of Siberian Impala horn, the steel is Damascus 130X (is that good?), the ends of the handle look brass and they look pinned, the sheath is some type of snake skin, comes with presentation box /paperwork, made in 1984. The knife is stamped on the top of the blade Patrick McGill but all the paperwork reads John McGill P.O. Box 302 Blairsville, GA 30512 phone#404-745-4686. I have tried calling the number. I have tried different area codes because they had some changes over the years. I tried google anything I could find on either Patrick of John. I tried E-Bay. The only thing I found was in a custom knife directory simply the guy?s name and address that I already have. The question is the knife worth $500? My gut feeling is no because this maker has no following. The question becomes will people pay a premium for a high quality knife if they do not recognize the maker? I would think no. Or am I way off and this maker has some type of a following but I am just not aware? Any help would be most appreciated..
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