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well... I just went to try and prove my point....I have a knife I put bevels on but that was it didn't do the finish I hit it with a 120 bluefire, then started using gators....and I purposely kinda messed it up by wiggleing one way or another during the pass and i don't meen heavy wigleing I mean just barely less pressure or more pressure here or there just barely even noticeable. I littery produced the EXACT same thing in you picture I mean these high and low spots are so amall you cant feel it with your finger but just so slight that the high spot and low spot reflects the light slightly different just barely noticeable on the 120 and 180 grit gators and I was looking for it but really started to aperer around the 240 grit and 400 grit i.....the good thing is its so slight its a easy fix just drop down a grit or 2 and pay extra attention...its not that your platen isn't flat I am sure it is I KNOW mine is dead flat these high and low spots came from my hand not the platen...and you have told me you've had trouble keeping things straight and even one way worse than the other sorta thing....honestly I think its a slight wiggle or not steady even pressure on the platen remember you told me grinding one way is easier than the other for you is this worse on that side? either way its one of those things practice practice practice....go back to a lower grit and slow down take your time and really focus on any movement no matter how minute it may be....again not there to see you do it but its my opinion anyway especially that I just tried it
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