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I think that so many people are used to stainless steel the knowledge of how to care for a carbon steel knifes has sort of fallen by the way. Use, clean, oil, and put away somewhere dry. Do not store in a leather sheath for long periods of time. I think that is one of the attractions to Kydex; it doesn't absorb water. However, after a lot of people hopped on the Kydex bandwagon they started noticing that it will scratch the finish on the blade, but to be honest, no knife blade will keep it's finish unless it's put in a case and occasionally waxed or oiled.

Never a good idea to address a problem with someone after having a few so if anything in your message was out of line, that's on you. He did offer a full refund upon return of the knife so in my book that made him an upstanding craftsman, so in my opinion, no, you were not ripped off.


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