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Upload the pics.

If you knowingly bought a high carbon steel knife and it rusts then that's on you. I can't speak to others practices as I never use Kydex, never. One reason is what you are complaining about, is that it scratches the knives and I have no idea why as it's softer than the steel. Yet it does scratch it. I only use leather that I have treated to prevent rust and I put a nice pattern onto it, either tooled or carved, but I never let a knife go out without a nice sheath. Kydex doesn't allow for that, it's a totally utilitarian way to make a sheath. Not my style as a way to make a sheath. A quality knife deserves a quality sheath, even if you don't tool a nice pattern onto it, the sheath should match the quality of the knife. I make sheaths for a friend with the new super steels because all he knows how to do is Kydex. It's a shame because his knives deserve a better presentation than Kydex.
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