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What I'm running into for the most part is securing the work so it can be worked on without moving. Look into different types of clamps and holders that facilitate one hand operation - both the clamp itself and the practicality for one handed use. You will need a solid heavy immobile bench that won't move or wiggle/shake while you use it and you can secure your clamp/holder to.

Any power tools you have/get should be easily and safely operated with one hand. There are some actions/operations that you might be able to incorporate you body mass to stabilize and push or direct your tools. Give that some thought.

I would suggest finding a maker near you that you can visit their shop a few times and see what operations occur in doing stock removal knife. As you watch and observe think about how you can use what you have both physical skill and tool/equipment wise that will compensate for the "second" hand. Pretty sure you can work this out with a bit of thinking.

If you were closer, I'd be glad to help you work some of these things out. However I'm sure any of the makers out near you would be glad to help you get it figured out.

Wish you all the best in this new adventure.

ps - Just a thought - begin with thin stock so that you only have to shape the final cutting bevel and learn the basics of making a working blade. Let the big stock sit until you figure things out.

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