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Thanks Scott, it was a pleasure assisting Gary with these outstanding Astros. He had quite the lineup of super rare Astros. Especially the brown Micarta Solingen in the canteen snap sheath! Talking about rare as hens teeth! We are fortunate that Bob Gaddis did so much research and put it together for us on the Astro.
If your father in law is at blade next year, I would like to chat with him about the Saturn program. Great stuff!
Thanks for attending Scott and to Gary for giving the Astro it's due and putting on a great program. I'm sure when he got them home he had to clean the drool off of them.
After Gary's presentation, we brought them back to his table, and he let me bring them out to take more pictures.
I walked over to John Cheeks table and told him to grab his camera! He came over, and with all 8 of those Astros lined up, told him he better get some pictures because we may not see such an outstanding lineup of early Astros again. 3 of them were NASA knives! I'm still in awe of the occasion.
I thought last year was great with Art Green showcasing the Early Randall 1937-38 fancy spacer hunter, and it was, but these Astros....but then I'm just a bit partial.
Thanks again Scott and Gary for putting this program together.
Regards, Sam
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