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Knife making equipment for sale

I recently cleared out a shop from a retired knife maker. What I have I'm selling at extremely reasonable prices. What I have left is listed below

BaderIII with variable speed VFD, nice flat platen with tool rest, 8" wheel on arm.

Bader single speed 220v, comes with flat platen

Kalamazoo 1" grinder with rest

Metal turning lathe (It is not on a pedestal and the belts need a little attention. I have the tail stock, tool changer, 4 jaw chuck and several other ancillaries) This is a great project for someone who likes to tinker. It is an Atlas, approximately 12" swing

24" heat treat oven by Good Kilns (Paragon equivalent) runs off 220v. Like new condition. It has no electronic controller but a dial and two temperature gauges. I took it to 1925 deg and shut it off.

Arbor press, used for detents or kydex rivets, ect. New condition
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