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I agree on most all points with Sam on this.

I do disagree that Randall stamped Astros weren't made until 1963 or later. It is apparent the 7 that went to the Astronauts were, and we know a replacement went to one of them. Randall does not forge an exact number of blades, particularly one of such importance. So, there was some number more Orlando blades available for use other than the 7(8) original order.

To say that an Astro sans scales is a "kit knife" is inaccurate and questionable at face value.

I have a very early Astro Sam has examined that came from the original owner that is purported to have been without scales as the family member remember it since acquisition. There is a back story to this that is may have been gifted to the owner by Shepard himself, as they were friends in some capacity. I cannot at this time prove it beyond a doubt, but if the family ever lets go of some of the supporting docs they have, it may come to fruition.

That being said, this is only the second Astro I recall coming in a double brown button Maurice Johnson sheath. Obviously one of the earliest available to the "public", and if actually a gift from Shepard, most certainly one of if not the earliest in the hands of someone as far as I know was outside of direct involvement in the space program. Again,if the family releases the documents, that may be proven otherwise.
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