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I recently acquired an Astro Tie clip on it's original card as it came from the shop. These cards are extremely rare. This one came out of the collection of the original owner, it came from Mt Dora Fl.

As you know, I have been searching for a few years for another Astro from the shop without scales. Bill has an experimental Astro with brass hilt displayed earlier in this thread, but I'm looking for another Astro, as issued from the shop with a finished tang. They were offered in the first 2 years 63-64 in the 16th printing, with the scales offered as an option. Scales became standard in 1965.
If you have one, or have seen one, please post photos.
This one that I have is the only one to surface that I know of. I'm sure there are many more, they just may be buried in collections.
Regards, Sam

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