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Hello. I'm (the late) John McGill's niece. A cousin screenshotted this post and sent it to my mom for amusement and I figured someone would have said something to you by now. Since they haven't, I joined the forum to try and help you learn what you're looking for. I hope you still have this opportunity. Uncle John's knives are incredible and the few that are left in our family are prized among us.

He has no following because during his knife-making days in Appalachian Georgia, it was a simple word-of-mouth business (he named it Xylo) that my father tried to help him expand. A withdrawn guy, he resisted and quietly made knives for several years before he gave it up altogether in pursuit of his next fancy (there were many). This was the 1980s, which explains why you won't find much on the internet about a technophobe knife maker in a remote county thirty years ago. He eschewed business cards for pete's sake and enjoyed many pseudonyms during his life making connections difficult, which as a hermit, I am sure was the point. Uncle John died in the fall of 2011.

I feel silly in this forum because I know nothing about this craft but can tell you (with obviously questionable objectivity) that the opportunity you have is one to take and if it is available but you decide not to, I'm interested. If available, please reply with info.

I hope any of this is helpful. I enjoyed reading your inquiry.
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