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I haven't revisited this sheath topic Heiser vs Johnson made in quite some time, as it has become part of my knowledge that Heiser did indeed possess a RMK stamp, based on the overwhelming evidence provided in the last couple years, provided thru amazing research done primarily by Jacknola.
The subject came back to mind for me this week in a tenite thread when Jacknola stated:

Originally Posted by Jacknola
I do not consider myself an expert, and my knowledge of this topic is purely secondary and drawn from previous publications by other people. As we have discovered, many of the tenants held by the so-called "expert" community about knives from this era have been proved wrong, from sheath manufacture markings and attribution, to blade stamps, etc.

I really admire the lack of ego on his part as he states clearly not to be an expert. But investigation is his business, and as we have discovered, he is good at it.

Well, tonight, in part based on the fact that I just recently acquired an early Smithsonian in a Heiser sheath, I googled "vintage randall smithsonian knife heiser sheath" and the very first result that popped up was this one by bp-outdoors. Scroll down halfway on the page where you have a group of brown button Heiser sheaths. The 12-11 has a RMK stamp.

It's good to see that the previously accepted theory that Heiser didn't have a RMK stamp has been proved wrong with good research, and now that it is relatively easy to tell them apart, we are seeing the results of a lot of good research come to light.

Regards, Samg

Brown button Heiser sheaths

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