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Originally Posted by jacknola
Sam, thanks for your efforts and cataloguing. I?m glad you posted here and hope you continue to look into this. It would be interesting to examine the fonts of other numbers, such as "1" and "7" etc. If we had a huge chronologic data base no telling what we could learn.
Jack, all of the serif numbers follow suit as the 3 does. At least in my observations.

It stands to logical reasoning that Heiser RMK's in timeline order were:

1) No stamp

2) Horizontal to mimic what they had always done with their Heiser logo stamp

3) West facing

It will be interesting to see what the trail of documented dated sheaths shows us, perhaps verifying the time line.

If you have pictures of RMK knives with late 1950's or 1960 provenance in a RMK stamped sheath, please post it here.


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