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The provenance for Heiser made RMK sheaths are displayed in Jacks photos above, provided by Gary Clinton.
2 RMK stamped sheaths, one horizontal, one west facing stamp, both displaying the serif numbers, and I believe, correct me if I am wrong, both have 1960 provenance?!!!!!!!!
If this doesn't make the case that Heiser made the west and horizontal RMK stamped sheaths, what simply does?!!!!

Gary's description of the group of knives photo, 1st on the right: west facing stamp with serif number stamp

1: Has a name and date etched from Randall 1960 Pinned ebony. Lugged nickel silver hilt and the sheath is indented for it. Quality of the sheath is very good. CK, ST snaps.?

Given the cut-outs in the sheath of Gary's knife, it is probable the sheath is original to the knife. Which means? a pinned ebony handled model-1 Randall was made (or etched) by the shop in 1960, and it was delivered with a brown button sheath that was marked with a vertically oriented Randall stamp. In other words, Gary?s knife could have (haven?t seen the blade) very similar characteristics, handle, blade, spacers, and sheath, as the magic-Randall knife that started this discussion line (see pictures post #1).

Then the horizontally oriented stamped sheath with serif numbers, also with provenance dating knife to 1960?!!!!

See pics below.

Is this the game changer? I think with the added evidence of serif number stamps, showing clear evidence that Heiser was using serif number stamps, and orienting the stamps first horizontal, then west, with this provenance that Gary Clinton provided.....and that all evidence points in the many years of Johnson made baby dot sheaths that display east facing stamp with non serif numbers.....I think it all becomes crystal clear. What more is needed? We have provenance illustrating knife/sheath marriages made in 1960. Combined with the evidence that Maurice Johnson did not appear before 1961-62.

The research continues, but correct me if I am wrong guys, but is this not the clincher?
For some to imply that Johnson oriented the RMK stamp this way, or that way, and for a while used serif number stamps, then not.....again, where is your evidence? It must come from a baby dot east facing stamped sheath, proving that Johnson had non serif number stamps.

Why you ask? Because we have established that Heiser used serif numbers for their entire relationship with Bo Randall! This is hard evidence.

Not to mention the ebay sample sheaths that belonged to a Heiser employee displaying west and horizontal RMK stamps.

Thanks to Jack for bringing Gary Clinton's pics back into the forefront. So many threads, posts and pictures have been posted in this discussion, it's hard to piece it all together. Thanks again Jack.

The serifs appear to be the decider in this debate. Thanks Ron for bringing the differences to my attention.

You 2 guys with your Randall knowledge, and your ability to get into the nuts and bolts of piecing it all together, Thanks for getting us much closer to that smoking gun

I know I am probably too excited by this connection. Please....someone show me the error of my ways.
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