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Don, the story of "The Magic Randall" is an amalgamation of experiences, some my own, some by my twin brother, some by Special Forces friends, and some just research. Supporting the story with pictures was fun. But ... the story was conceived out of frustration. It was supposed to explain the disconnects in dating the Magic Randall sheath and knife... and ironically, this imaginative story ultimately led to the solving of the mystery of the Heiser/Johnson sheath dating... producing the "grand unification theory." Historic fiction has its upsides and when my heirs finally sell that 1-7 ebony-handled knife, I expect them to advertise it as "the Magic Randall!"

No I didn't know Frazetta, though we were contemporaries and I have been a fan of his paintings since the early '70s. There are a number of tongue-in-cheek posts in that line to continue the story of "the Magic Randall," check the huge croc picture. By continuing the discussion with occasional whimsy, new information kept appearing until one of the biggest mysteries was finally solved with the participation and encouragement of Ron Mathews.

I have had some people contact me believing that the events related in the story of "the Magic Randall" were a biography of my own experiences. Well, it is flattering to think that the story is so compelling and realistic, and the facts so accurate, that it all seems real. Truth is, it is all real... just not all are my own experiences.. What the story is is a summation and dramatic chronology of some of the major military encounters of the cold war. Each episode as related in the story is historically accurate except for one small fact.. which can be explained by faulty memory of an old vet.

Glad you liked the story. Regards, Jack

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