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Ron, reading that 2009 line causes goosebumps. Ya'll were so close to the truth about Heiser-Johnson back then that it is scary. This, even to the point about discussing strap snap placement differences and the remarkable similarity of west-stmp and Heiser, etc. Even Joe was on board ....

Those three sheaths certainly do not meet the usual quality of Heiser in the late 50's, early '60s time frame. I wonder if these odd-ball sheaths may have been some of the last Heisers delivered and were finished, keeper strap installed, at the shop AFTER the switch from Heiser to Johnson ... hence the placement of the keeper strap. But that would not explain the 8-10 year difference in the age of the knife of the E-bay sheath, and the ones in your sheaths. And it would require moving the date of your knives up 3-4 years... unlikely that.

Perhaps the E-bay sheath was basically a discard, heck ... maybe they ALL were bottom of the barrel rejects that were only used at a time of 3-6 sheath shortage. That would make the E-bay sheath the ulitmate deep-bin sheath. That ... or E-bay is a case of a newer knife deliberately installed in an older sheath.
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