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Ron, you are right.. shouldn't let other's ruin my enjoyment researching this subject. I got a PM that I interpreted as a threat to ban me because I credited some photos and commentary to the author, who apparently is "disliked" by the admins of the site. It caused me to contemplate just how many serious collectors and long-time contributors to the Randal world have been banned. Oh well... if they want to ban me, fine.

There does seem to be two major times of momentous change ... bracketing the start of the Vietnam era approximately 1959-1963, and at the end of the Vietnam War era, about 1972-74. Other changes in other time periods seem more evolutionary.

Your low-S 3... did the previous owner modify the guard or was it done at the shop? Looking at this Delrin 3, the single guard is pretty misshapen, not symmetric. I get the impression that the guards start as a double and are then filed down (yours however does seem pretty crude...).

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