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Here is an imaginative coolie cap on a more recent Thorp Bowie.

And here is another data point? an ark-toothpick supposedly from 1959. Well it could be, definitely 1959-63. It has the early profile and look of the early coolie caps, and it has the hex tang nut. This is more evidence of consistent early profile. Notice the tear-drop shape of the flutes...

No round tang nuts have surfaced yet that are earlier than about 66-68. However, while the shop may have started making coolie caps in 1953-54, they likely got the idea from somewhere... possibly from an example knife not RMK. We will probably never know the source of the concept. Knowing coolie caps were being used in 1953-54 is good enough, unless there is an even earlier RMK, the one True-Source of all coolie caps.

I surely would welcome examples from any age. Love the look.

Rereading the posts from the shop steward of RMK, perhaps there was a way to round those nuts in-situ after they had been torqued down on the cap. I'm going to try again to simulate this and will post pictures of the process.

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