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Hah... where did this come from? My twin brother was in MACVsog during his second tour and mentions planting this ammo in his account.

But I was a garden variety A-team member. Also, early in this you tube video is the picture of Lonny Holmes and me that is posted in post 86 of the Hal Moore line ... but without the editing I used to disguise his hand gesture. Lonny did not serve in MACVsog, but was A-team and Mike Force and other assignments in 44 months in SE Asia. God knows where they found these pictures.

I once made a statement that I never saw a USArmy issued knife in Vietnam. I now know it isn't true after examining some pictures of my first A-team, A-242 Dak Pek. This picture is of a display of stuff on the wall of our team room in Dak Pek, lots of Montagnard knifes and impletments, and a strange knife. Looking closer, it is proof some of the MACVsog knives did get into the field. God knows how one of them ended up in Dak Pek or whose it was...

The internet is amazing... thanks for pointing this out.

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