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Ed Caffrey
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I agree that all the factors must be paid equal attention. One factor that I didn't see, which is a concern to most of my customers, is the ease of re-sharpening. Obviously it is one more factor that would have to be considered in building the blade, and one I think is all too often overlooked by makers. Over the years I've had dozens of people call me and ask if I could re-sharpen another makers blade. Some have even asked me to "re-temper" their blade(s). My response is to send them back to the maker who produced the blade. Many of these folks did not want to do that, sighting that it might embarass the maker. I got to thinking about it and hope that none of my blades have ever seen that happen. It would be MUCH more embarassing for me to hear that from another maker instead of the customer letting me know!
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