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Most secure handle material

What is the best handle material you have found for a knife that will be used in a wet enviroment? ie fishing. Both grip security and comfort should be considered.

I love the look and feel of linen micarta and G-10 but they tend to be slick when wet unless they are "roughed up". The canvas micarta as on a busse knife is secure but is ugly and not particlularly pleasant to hold.

Recently picked up some carbon fibre handled knives but have not really tested them.

Cord wrapping can be quite secure but I do not find it a very good material for a utility blade (martial blade would be another issue).

Had a nice little stag Bird and trout once. It was really "nubbly" and felt great and was secure even wet. However after a few seasons it did not wear as well as I had hoped.

Any other thoughts?

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