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Flash, thanks for the information on the graphite. I sat around yesterday and picked one of the scallops that didn't cast like I wanted. The cavity needs to be deeper and the edges undercut. I know that the graphite will help pewter flow better and plan on using some in my ladle also. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. Sometimes it's just hard to be satisfied, and being a first knife isn't a good excuse for doing less than the best you can. I try real hard not to get through before I'm finished.
Carl I'm not saying that Charlie can't be held down, but speaking from experience, it won't be much fun. I really think that he will give forging a shot one day. It's just that he has a few other things going on that we need to do and I was the lucky one that picked forging first.
Thanks again for all the encouraging comments, and much needed help.

Harry Mathews
Twin Blades
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