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Ray has a video where he does this if you can ask him about it he will send you the dvd and he doesn't charge much for it at the idea is first yyou drill out the hole for the tang then see where the tang will sit in side that hole but mark the out side of the block, drill the hole through the block then you dry fit the guard and slide the tang into the as you hold it togather take the drill bit and go through the hole you already drilled you don't want to go all the way through the tang just enough that the drill bit marks the tang....then take the tang back out and drill the hole where that mark is......most likely you will have a little bit of play so here is where the spacer comes in NOW (and not before) you add the spacer in the mix it will push that block back just enough to make sure everything is nice and tight....again rays video explains this in great detail
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